A Modern Approach

Next generation web-design. Gone are the days of just building a website…

The  advancing landscape of the internet has changed what “web-design” once was.  Design and appearance is important, but many make the mistake of stopping there.  In today’s world, a website needs a creator who understands and can implement the even more important factors for your success, such as: site-speed, mobile-friendly, search engine optimization, optimized content and more.

A website must display the intention and purpose of the owner while engaging the user to comprehend and utilize the site to its full potential, ensuring more sales, sign-ups, and utilization by the user. Get your business online and turn your imagination into reality with Sites by Jarid.


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Website Optimization

Using free website builders have their cost advantage and may even be visually pleasing, but will never be able to compete with your own personalized and optimized website.. 

It is ensured that you have full access to your site with easy options to update and edit – keeping your website fresh and updated with full control.

Website Speed

Special attention is given to optimizing and compressing individual elements such as images, videos, backgrounds and codes, to provide a website speed which is as fast as possible.  This increases engagement rates for viewers and also helps give your site credibility to search engines, in turn raising your site ranking and sales.


Ensuring the balance between visual appeal while optimizing internal structure, allows your site to please potential customers, while also ranking high on search engines. 

Visuals that don’t take away from your message, calls to action, content location, and the use of titles and subtitles help towards a great visual appeal, meaning better sales, conversions, and communication with the viewer. 

Internal structure such as keyword optimization, link structure, efficient coding and use of html, jss and css, is crucial in site speed and ranking your site above the competition.

We will work together to take your visions and ideas and turn them into something real and beautiful while staying ahead of the competition.


Mobile Friendly & Responsive

In today’s market, over half of website visitors are using phones. Extra attention is spent ensuring your website is responsive and mobile friendly.  Attention to detail is a must to ensure font sizes, pictures, background videos, and all other aspects look good on mobile devices as well as high resolution flat screens.


Search Engine OPtimized

Get your site seen by people who type your keywords in search engines with my optimized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. 

All of my sites are initially built optimized for search engines, but SEO is an everlasting, continued process. If you want your site at the top of google, SEO is a MUST.  This is where many business owners go wrong. They build a nice looking website, but don’t understand why they are sitting on page 7 on google.  This would be like the worlds best guitarist, just playing for family at home – no one would hear or know. 

On-going SEO is key to your site ranking above the competition and takes a real expert to do so.  I can do this for you but this is optional for you and will be discussed in our planning phase.